DEENA KAMEL, BSc. and MSc. (Hons) in Architectural Engineering and Environmental Design

I have developed a strong sense of fine art and built-environment, owing to my architecture background for over than 15 years. My educational and professional experience helped substantially in my attention to details, forms, texture, composition, lighting, and colour dynamics which are all reflected into my photography style.

I am from those few young photographers who have started shooting with film cameras. I fell in love with this machine since I was 18, and I have developed my passion over the years with every digital leap occurred in the camera world. Meanwhile my architecture studies also have built my strength in computer programs as essential tools for making visually captivating products.

While my camera is on hold, I am a Rhythmic Gymnastics coach and I practice recreational artistic gymnastics to stay fit. Travel is another passion that I have became addicted to after traveling most of the world's continents and their famous cities.

‘You don't take a photograph, you make it!’, Ansel Adams

Let me help you make it for you…

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