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DEENA KAMEL, BSc. and MSc. (Hons) in Architectural Engineering and Environmental Design

I am a self-taught photographer, who has developed a strong sense of fine art and built-environment, owing to my architecture background for over than 15 years. My experience made me alert to details, forms, composition, and colour dynamics.

Being-Born and raised in a country that contains one third of the world’s monuments, Egypt. Then living my adulthood in the world’s most luxuries cities, Dubai, I was inspired by the diversity of the historic and modern lives. Finally, right after our move to Alberta, Canada, and being surrounded by the influential nature of the Rocky Mountains, I started to dig deeper into my photography skills, artistically and technically, till DK photography was founded.

DK photography uses high quality equipment and the latest post processing software to deliver a satisfactory imagery that captures the attention of the potential clients. Appropriate lenses, angles, and colour corrections are used in relative to the shot requirements to showcase the frame at its finest. Shallow depth of field, lighting, form composition, and color composition are the main four factors that shape DK photography.

And always remember, ‘If Art is regulated, then it’s not Art anymore!’

Let’s make a difference together…

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